Change the decor over the seasons and avoid monotony!

Change the decor over the seasons and avoid monotony!

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Matching its interior decoration according to the seasons is resolutely trendy. Sometimes a simple piece of furniture, a simple fabric or decorative object is enough to completely transform a room and its atmosphere. Enough to offer renewal to your interior.

Change air without moving from home

Do you tend to tire of your decoration? Do you often have irresistible desires to change everything - furniture, colors, layout - according to your desires and / or current trends? Seasonal decor is the perfect solution! It consists in adapting the colors and the ambiance of the house to the brightness of the moment. By playing with accessories, lighting and household linen in particular, it is possible to completely transform the atmosphere of a room! In the fall and throughout the winter, bet on a cocooning and comforting decor to make your interior a real bubble of warmth and softness. Add double curtains or even soft and cozy blankets on the sofa, multiply the indirect lights for an intimate atmosphere using candles in particular… The aim is to warm the atmosphere to better face the cold outside. In spring, change of scenery! The color, from the most acidulous to the pastel, enters the house alongside floral or geometric patterns. Light materials such as linen and cotton invade your interior. The windows light up and adorn themselves with light curtains, while on the sofa the wool and faux fur cushions are replaced by shades full of pep. All these little things allow you to get away from the daily grind with ease and help you to be in a good mood. A real anti-depression remedy that should be adopted urgently! The only downside to this perpetual change? What to do with this furniture, decorative items and other household linen that is not used for half the year?

Store without clutter

Obviously, it is possible to fill all the cupboards of the house until overflowing or to nibble the space in the garage or even in the cellar, provided that you still have it! And despite everything, these solutions are not without risks. Encroachment of living space, humidity, dust, potential presence of pests ... all of which can interfere with your daily life and seriously damage your property. In order to preserve them sustainably, do like more and more French people and opt for self storage. A simple and economical solution that allows you to free up the space you are sorely lacking by renting an additional room near you. Across France, from Lille to Marseille, via Paris, Rennes or Toulouse, you will find storage boxes on the outskirts of cities for quick and easy access. Alarms, video surveillance system, access control, continuous ventilation ... everything is done to guarantee the security of your furniture and decorative items of all kinds. Question surface, it is you who decide! From the small box of 1m2 the size of a closet to the largest of 50 m2 to store the equivalent of a dwelling of 200 m2, there is something for all needs and all budgets. Last but not least: unlike a storage unit where you have to make an appointment to access your belongings, the storage centers are free, most of the time 24/7. What transform your interior according to the seasons without annoyances.