Luminous pots for the garden

Luminous pots for the garden

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No more light pots at 250 euros! There are now accessible, robust and design models to illuminate your garden in summer. The editorial presents its favorite models in images and explanations.

Light pots: we want color!

Before, light pots looked strangely like static, plain white and often very heavy flower pots. Those days are over! Large brands now offer multicolored light pots, everyone can choose their favorite color or collect them! Some models even offer a dozen colors and several lighting modes (fixed or random), with an autonomy of 10 to 12 hours. So the colors change and the moods too. We adjust the intensity and we go from a festive atmosphere to a soft and subdued atmosphere.

The advantages of the new models

What to do in rainy or hot weather? Don't worry, most of the models are waterproof and robust. They are resistant to shocks, UV rays and high temperatures. The multicolored models are delivered with a remote control to change the intensity and the color from a distance. Easy and practical, the light pots are a beautiful decorative accessory to delimit the spaces of the garden and highlight your flower arrangements. And why not bring them inside at the end of summer?

1. BLOOM light pot € 40.75 at Mano Mano / 2. Multicolor LED light pot 49.90 € at Live déco / 3. Poty multicolored flower pot € 89 at Castorama / 4. New Garden light pot € 99 at Swimming pool clic / 5. Bricorama light pot € 29.90 at Rue du commerce / 6. Cosmic outdoor light pot Changing colors € 49.95 at Castorama / 7. Vase with multicolored light rim + remote control € 99.80 at Truffaut / 8 LED Light Pot € 28.74 at Amazon