Clever surfing on good deals

Clever surfing on good deals

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Most internet users have an amazing way of pronouncing "bargain hunting", they say "eBay". Of course the auction site is essential, but there are many other addresses where you can make real discoveries. EBAY It's obvious, we can't talk about bargain hunting on the Net without talking about Ebay, a world all by itself. The art and antiquities section alone has 67,000 sales. But eBay is a monster that must be tamed, first by practicing the eBay consumer review site. Here, buyers and sellers take stock of what works ... and especially what does not work: problem of payment, transport, unscrupulous sellers etc ... A good way to avoid problems. Warned of traps, the object of our dreams flushed out, we still have to bid last to win. If the amateur sets his alarm clock at 4 a.m. so as not to miss the last minutes of the sale, the seasoned bargain hunter will use software which, once configured, will take care of doing the work for him (bid during the last seconds to grab the object). There are quite a few. If you choose free, you download one from Sourceforge. If you are looking for the security of a commercial product, you can turn to Auction Sniper, the most popular of its kind. The software is chargeable, but you can download a version called "free" which allows you to evaluate it. ONLINE AUCTIONS In the wake of eBay, several sites also offer online auctions. Webtroc, with its very Web 0.5 interface, is a real garage sale. The site deserves to be better known because it offers to put its ads online for free. Just as unknown, Mascoo, is worth a click. More modern and more complete, it offers, for example, more than 10,000 references in the old coins category. One could object that the site is a bit messy, but that's where its charm is. You have to search by keywords, browse. All that makes the pleasure of a walk in the stands of a real flea market. Finally, SVV auctions offers an innovative concept: an auction which takes place in parallel in an auction room and on the Net. TROC Professionals of the consignment also point the muzzle of their mouse on the Net. Troc.com offers a particularly well-rounded site with more than 100,000 items in the furniture category! Less specialized in old objects, Cash Converter and its Toutcash.com site for its "Equipment and home" section, is worth a detour. On the other hand, we will neglect the site of The Cave of Individuals ... the 40 thieves had to pass, because it is very empty. But the most active sector that any good bargain hunter on the Internet should watch out for as a baby playing with a Kalashnikov is that of free classified ads sites. These media have grown in strength in recent months: Kijiji, Topannonces, Vivastreet. For bargain hunters, not all sites are created equal. Vivastreet and Olx offer an active "antiquity art" section that is urgently needed to explore. Finally, if French second-hand dealers are almost completely absent from the web, why not cross the Atlantic to take a look at a site that brings together more than 1,000 antique dealers and second-hand dealers from the United States. An exotic journey where you can find beautiful "Far-West" objects or why not magnificent French antiques that you would cross the Atlantic by buying…

Have a good surf!

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