How did I survive my work? Step 3: keep an eye on the site!

How did I survive my work? Step 3: keep an eye on the site!

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The hour for the construction site has come! The business is packed, the pieces emptied, the quotes signed, your daily life organized ... Make way for the craftsmen to start the work! To spare our stress and avoid unpleasant surprises, we obviously kept an eye on what was happening on the ground floor ... Every evening when we returned, we could see the progress (and rave about) but also the difficulties (and panic). This allowed us to react quickly and rectify things before it was too late! Monitoring your site is essential. Obviously, you trust the companies you have chosen ... But you must also show that you are there, that you know what you want and that in case of doubt or problem, you should consult! You have imagined your new home so much, in every nook and cranny, that it would be a shame to have the feeling that it escapes you, or even to be faced with a fait accompli during an unforeseen event. Come on, we put on our headphones and we'll see what's going on… with a smile of course! It is not a question of being omnipresent and of playing tyrants of course, but of keeping abreast of its progress. Here are some practical tips that my recent experience has taught me!

Building good relationships

"Hello! How are you? Coffee?". A simple little sentence, which does not eat bread, and which puts everyone in a good mood! Every morning, before leaving for work, we meet the artisans. As they set up their stepladders and prepared their brushes, we used to offer them coffee to start the day off right. A little moment during which we could inquire about the progress of the work, and discuss any small adjustments, in a friendly atmosphere. Kindness, listening, smiling ... It is important to build good relationships with those who work at your place!

Offer a coffee to artisans, a little appreciated attention to start the day well

Dare to speak out and ask questions

Ok, we are not building experts, but we know what we want ... and what we don't want! I admit that for this part, I rather delegated to my husband, but I could see how important it is to say things under pain of intense frustration! A badly glued plinth, a spot not centered, a slightly tilted socket ... Yes, these are details, but it is better to say immediately what we notice (and which bothers us) to request their rectification without delay ... Once the site finished, you may have to wait a long time before we come to fix these little things (we say that it is the sum of the details that makes the difference, right?) As well as do not hesitate to ask for details on certain technical subjects that you do not necessarily master. When exactly are you going to move the boiler (just to anticipate the water cut)? Are you going to iron a coat of paint here? Can we add a plug on this side? It also works for the cost of the unexpected… Okay, we have to do a leveling of the ground finally, but how much will it cost exactly? In short, and even if you blindly trust the company that does the work, it is essential to know what is happening on the site. I tend not to dare to intervene too much, but it is obvious that this is not the right strategy! It's your job, your money, your daily anxiety ... You have the right to ask any questions you want!

A detail bothers you, finishes to take over? Don't hesitate, say it loud and clear!

Seek advice from a third party

There comes a time when we can do more. Where we want it to end, where we no longer have the perspective necessary to make the last (good) decisions ... And therein lies the danger! Release the pressure a little too quickly and say amen to everything because we just want to reinvest our apartment (it's crazy what a dishwasher can miss us anyway)! When you hesitate and it becomes difficult to choose, asking for advice from a trusted third party is a good idea. A doubt about the blue of the kitchen walls? The impression that the toilet tiles are not laid correctly? The false ceiling only in the entrance or also in the kitchen? So many questions, jostling in my head and to which I could not find an answer, paralyzed as I was by the fear of not making the right decision. Finally, I asked the advice of my friends for blue, that of my neighbor handyman for the tiles and I listened to the plasterer for the false ceiling ... And everything went well!

Calling a loved one, a good idea to see more clearly If you apply these tips, I promise, you will experience your work much better! Nothing worse than feeling frustrated or feeling like you're not being consulted on important matters… Two-way transparency (from the companies involved and from yourself) is the key to more of serenity. Aaaaah serenity, precisely, we talk about it in the next article in this series… Surviving the work and saving your couple… A whole program!