Recover: our decor ideas with jars of jam

Recover: our decor ideas with jars of jam

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Do you pile up the jars of jam and feel sick to throwing them out? We'll stop you right away! Do not put them in the trash anymore and discover our best ideas to give them a second life. Lanterns, shelves and storage, terrarium and flower pots, soap dispenser ... These tips will make your jars of jam, real decorative items! So, what creation (s) will you fall for?

1. Hanging lanterns

© - This is a very simple idea for recycling old jars of jam! And for good reason, all you need is a cord and a tealight. You understand, this is about creating lanterns! And since this tip is as easy as it is economical, you have no excuse not to try it! Collect them and hang them in the branches of trees for a garden with the air of 1001 nights… In the same way, you can create an oil lamp as shown by the blogger of Raised in Cotton. And if you want to light up your jam jars indoors, you can also slip on small luminous garlands… In short, every effort is made to make your jam jars, the most charming light fixtures…

2. An unusual shelf

© The DIY Playbook Do you like a shelf with friends of jam? This is what The DIY Playbook offers with this creation which costs three times nothing but the result of which is to die for! Here, the blogger has installed the shelf in her bathroom to store bathroom accessories and beauty products, but nothing prevents you from finding a place for her in a kitchen to showcase your aromatic herbs… In the same genre , you can also use your jars of jam as a means of storage by simply adding pretty buttons to highlight them. To get an idea of ​​the result we recommend the creation of Torie Jayne. Adorable, isn't it?

3. A miniature terrarium

© Merci Raoul Ultra trends, terrariums never stop investing in our interiors. It must be said, these mini gardens offer a breeze of freshness and good humor! In practice, all you have to do is pour aquarium gravel into the bottom of the pots, put in special succulents, add a layer of gravel and install your favorite succulents. Result? You give a second youth to your jars of jam for a decoration that honors Mother Nature! And as the creators of the blog Merci Raoul point out, it is also a great gift idea when you are invited to friends or for a special occasion. And if you are neither patient nor handyman, nothing prevents you from customizing your jars of jam using lace, raffia or even masking tape to make adorable little vases…

4. A soap dispenser

© Juliette Lifestyle & DIY Obviously, recycling has more than one trick up its sleeve ... And when it allows you to transform the function of an everyday object into another, you can only crack! Here, blogger Juliette has turned an old jar of jam into a soap dispenser! A decidedly simple idea, but one that will create a sensation near a sink. And then, what a joy to create your own decorative items without having to buy something new, isn't it? For the realization, you just need a soap pump, a drill and glue! As for the customization of your jars of jam, you can use paint, glitter, masking tape ... In short, whatever comes to your mind! With this superb soap dispenser, you risk washing your hands more than necessary ...