Dora the explorer in the little girls' room

Dora the explorer in the little girls' room

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Created in 2000, the character of Dora the Explorer always entertains children as much. Little American girl of Hispanic origin teaching Spanish to children in the American version, Dora in France teaches children some notions of English. Thanks to his fellow travelers like Babouch the monkey or Chipeur the fox , Dora the explorer helps the child to become familiar with spoken English. Here are some ideas to recreate the world of Dora in a little girl's bedroom. First think of the bed. This place on which the child spends a lot of time (a very visible piece of furniture in their often small room) is strategic! Many quilts and pillowcases exist in the image of the little adventurer (like on In addition, there are also Dora-style decorated beds like the Worlds Apart First Order extra bed. The curtains are also a great area to invite Dora to a little girl's room! Just like the carpet … In terms of decor, you won't be outdone either! Think of bedside lamps, desk or pendant lamps, storage compartments or even musical snowballs.


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