I change my door knobs

I change my door knobs

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Beautifying the style of your furniture and your interior with a very small budget is possible. The trick is simple: change the furniture or door knobs, the result is stunning and good news: the idea is to be reproduced throughout the house!

Furniture knobs

Tired of the dresser that you've been dragging from room to room for several years? Want a little refreshment? Nothing easier ! A good paint job, new furniture knobs and you will give a new life to your wardrobe! You will find them for all styles and in all materials: porcelain for a classic-romantic look, aged iron for a vintage spirit or colorful playfulness for a child's room. You will enjoy a facelift of your kitchen thanks to this inexpensive and effective tip. Small idea: do not hesitate to mismatch the buttons.

Door knobs

Also renew your interior by adopting door knobs. To install them, nothing complicated! Before choosing your model, check beforehand the structure of your already existing handle (for example with or without lock). As for your selection, you will certainly find it difficult to decide because the choice is vast: transparent, colorful, simple or worked, the handle becomes your new ally and will personalize your "home sweet home".