10 designer radios for less than 50 €

10 designer radios for less than 50 €

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You have looked after your interior, chooses furniture and material with care. But if in the middle hangs a totally 1985 alarm clock… It's the end! To solve this problem, in 2000, the Tivoli Model One came out: a simple radio with designer shapes that fits perfectly into contemporary interiors. But, if the Tivoli radios delight the eyes, they make holes in the pockets when you go to the cash desk! The first radio costs 200 €, and the first clock radio exceeds 300 €… Are we kidding? Especially since by looking a little, we find, for 4 times cheaper, products with an equally successful look.

Fun and practical

These radios play the card of color and simplicity. The Foam is for example covered with very impact-resistant foam. The very successful Tykho still at Lexon is completely waterproof. In the morning, she can even follow you in the shower. There remains a subsidiary question: the technique. Finding a station on Tykho can be hazardous: you have to turn the antenna (nothing indicates how often you are). The Lenco which displays the frequencies on its digital screen is the most precise. Technically, these are "small radios" but this is more than enough to listen to your favorite radio channel!


Their wood-like covering allows them to be easily integrated into the majority of interiors, modern and old. These designer radios, like the very successful Mini Dolmen or the Scott Rx19ws, are eyeing Tivoli products.


Some models play 200% the card of the third millennium. These are the models from Tokaï and Akaï or even the Lenco and its Matrix side.