What decoration to choose to celebrate Christmas in 2018?

What decoration to choose to celebrate Christmas in 2018?

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Although the traditional style is still unanimous for the Christmas decoration, two trends are talked about to decorate the interiors of the end of the year. The first is an ode to nature. The second offers a return to the past while adapting to modern codes ... Discover these two decorative styles that will mark Christmas in 2018 and all our advice for adopting them, from the tree to the Christmas table through gift packaging!

1. An ethical Christmas

© Three times a day Does an eco-friendly Christmas mean anything to you? More than ever, the environmental question arises and influences our daily lives. And if it becomes one of the flagship trends for the 2018 holiday season, that's good! Say goodbye to the opulence of Christmas decorations and single-use items and make way for a more ethical decor. To do this, you just need to favor sustainable materials such as wood, straw, bamboo, felt and other natural or recycled materials. In the same way, let nature invade the space by integrating plant and non-polluting decorations! We think, for example, of Christmas wreaths in eucalyptus, centerpieces in pine cone and foam, wooden Christmas balls, a handmade Christmas wreath ... The ideal? Get your hands dirty by promoting DIY and recovering! In this sense, the traditional tree can be traded for a homemade creation! Because a sustainable Christmas is a Christmas that says no to deforestation! With a few wooden boards (obviously certified) or with a simple branch picked up in the garden or even drawn on a canvas, a wall or even on a wooden pallet using paint or masking tape… The possibilities are many to create your own Christmas tree! Also think of Furoshiki, a Japanese technique for making zero waste gift packaging made with fabric! And to go all the way and get away from Christmas consumerism, we reduce the amount of gifts under the tree and we favor useful gifts, local products and fair trade items!

2. An Art Deco Christmas

© Ikea Notice to lovers of chic and warm decor and the most nostalgic of the 20s and 30s, the Art Deco style continues to rise and invites itself into our interiors for the holidays! The opportunity to bring a little renewal to the traditional Christmas decorations! Red, white and green are thus replaced by darker and more intense but no less comforting shades. We think in particular of plum (and more precisely wine lees), midnight blue, bottle green and even black. Shades that alone give character and warmth to the Christmas decoration. On the tree, there is no need to make tons of them. Simple geometric and graphic Christmas balls will do the trick! As for the table setting, bet on the finesse of noble materials. Edging plates, blown or crystal glasses, brass candle holders, marble trivet, silver, gold or copper cutlery as desired ... Take out the heavy artillery to impress your guests! Again, no need to do too much, elegance is in the finesse and delicacy. Add trivets or a velvet table runner for softness and you're ready to live a chic and cozy Christmas, trendy and comforting! On the gift packaging side, be bold and flirtatious by closing them with beautiful satin ribbons. Slip a feather and why not a dried Pampas grass ... Guaranteed effect!