How to play with painting in a room?

How to play with painting in a room?

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For those who are tired of uniformly colored walls, it is possible to go further in the decorative effect. Astral offers us bright ideas to play with painting in all rooms of the house.

Alternate color bands

For a graphic effect, alternate a strip of paint with a strip of wall left as is. The effect will be enhanced with bright colors such as red, plum, royal blue or black for example.

Create a multicolored piece

For a slightly bland or sad room think of the multicolored bands. Choose a few colors and alternate them by stripes. Knowing that the horizontal bands give more width to the room and that the vertical bands bring it height. To be preferred for small rooms such as the entrance or the kitchen.

Create a two-tone piece

Choose two colors that go well together such as green and purple, gray and pink or even an intense blue and turquoise and combine them in a room. You can choose a dominant color and draw a few bands of the other color for example.

Trompe-l'oeil effects

If you are good with your hands, you can throw yourself into a sham on the wall. Draw or choose a stencil and recreate the desired ambiance on a wall. Astral offers us a false shelf on which very successful tableware is placed.


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