Before / After: An open kitchen with a bohemian-chic style

Before / After: An open kitchen with a bohemian-chic style

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Welcome to California! This large house is bathed in light at Venice Beach. Despite its privileged location, the owners are not satisfied with its interior look, starting with the kitchen. Lack of light, sad and obsolete decor ... The space dedicated to the preparation of meals deserves a real blush! The couple appealed for the renovation of their house to the architect Amber Lewis, specialized in interior design for more than 10 years. Based in Los Angeles, the agency Amber Interiors, founded by the young woman, redesigns both small spaces and large residences. For this project, the main challenge consisted in illuminating the kitchen as much as possible while bringing it chic and personality. Before : When you acquire a new property, it is rather rare to appreciate 100% the decoration of the former owners. Tastes often diverge, when it is not the condition of the accommodation that leaves something to be desired. However, this is not the case for this large house located in the Venice Beach district: clean and neat, it has been perfectly maintained by the previous occupants. On the other hand, the general atmosphere and the decoration of the kitchen do not suit the new owners, who want a brighter interior with a bohemian touch. The bet is launched, and it is to Amber Lewis that they entrust the site. The young woman's mission is to completely rethink the aesthetics of the dining area: it is indeed very dark, with ebony-colored furniture and smoky gray walls. The credenza is also tinged with gray, which has the effect of darkening even more this small kitchen with an old-fashioned look.

After : The works lasted a few weeks, but the result greatly exceeds the expectations of the couple! The kitchen has retained its layout, which was rather well thought out, but the new furniture and materials have completely transformed the whole. The architect opted for anthracite-colored furniture, nicely awakened by a worktop and white marble walls. This noble and delicate material brings the "high end" touch that was previously lacking in the room and has the advantage of reflecting outside light. The rest of the walls have been painted white, always with the aim of bringing maximum clarity to the house.

In terms of decoration, the kitchen now sports a look that is both chic and very fresh, without being stuffy. Amber opted for wooden shelves and stools, accessorized by a large oriental rug, to warm the room. Two industrial suspensions complete the decor and illuminate the bar on which the family will now have breakfast. The shelves have been accessorized in a simple way in order to leave all the spotlight on the materials: a few pieces of dishes, cookbooks, two pretty rustic cutting boards and a Japanese teapot form a charming set, like this new space. More info on: