8 cradles for different styles

8 cradles for different styles

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If many baby cribs today have bars, the cradle retains an incomparable charm. Discoveries of several models with very different styles.

The contemporary cradle

If it retains the charm of the traditional cradle, the contemporary cradle displays purer lines, less frills and light colors. The contemporary aspect is mainly found in the overall design of the cradle, more airy and light than a classic cradle. Among these contemporary cradles, we think of the models at Leander, the Harmony model of La Redoute or even the cradle of AM.PM.

The ecological cradle

As there is ecological furniture for baby's room, there are ecological cradles! In certified wood or cardboard, assembled with glue without chemicals, the eco-friendly cradle is completely green! To get it, we think of Green Lullaby or Castor and Chouca.

The timeless cradle

It crosses the ages without taking a wrinkle, the traditional cradle keeps all its charm. Often wicker, placed on several feet, it is generally provided with a cradle canopy which closes and opens easily. Soft and soft, it envelops babies like a cocoon… Several models of traditional cradles are to be discovered at La Redoute.


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