A Brazilian themed party

A Brazilian themed party

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1. Pineapple pineapple My Little Day € 23.90 2. Connital iitala green tealight holder € 17 3.Lot of 18 emerald green cutlery Vegaoo Party € 2.99 4. 8 plates Vegaoo party soccer ball € 4.99 5. 6 Brand -place flag of Brazil Celebrate-Receive € 3.99 6. Giant Amazon palm inflatable balloon € 19.99 7. My Little Day Parrot Balloon € 10.50 8. Lot of 21 accessories for photobooth BangGood € 3.64 9. Vase in ceramic Hema 3 € 10. 20 paper napkins with tropical motif Party and reception € 3.59 11. Pineapple candle Hema 3 € 12. Ball of yellow honeycomb paper Vegaoo Party € 2.49 13. Garland in the colors of Brazil Celebrate Host € 4.79

A room in the colors of Brazil

It's no secret that the heart of Brazil beats only for yellow and green, the two colors of the national flag. Symbol of celebration, carnival and good humor, the country of Caïpirinha is a real explosion of colors! So bet on an alternation of accessories in sunny tones for your decoration, which will display a tropical note of the most successful. Posters, balloons, paper towels or paper lanterns, all the accessories contribute to the ambiance of your evening!

Declining the themes of Brazilian culture

Lean towards the clichés side to decline them to 1000% in your decor: this is a festive and convivial evening, all daring is therefore allowed. Is your event rather sporty? Multiply the balloons in all their forms (cake, piñata, paper lanterns ...) and why not soccer jerseys pinned to the walls or hung on a wire like a chain of pennants! If you prefer a more chic and discreet decoration, the yellow and green lights, bouquets of two-color flowers or even paper towels with the national flag will be more suitable. You can choose an item - for example the pineapple, emblem of the tropical style - which you present in the form of aperitif sticks, napkin holder, place card or garland to hang above the tables. The feathers also represent the country since they remind us of the superb costumes worn during the carnival parades. Hanging on a garland or simply placed in a vase, they will look great while adding a colorful note to your buffet.


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