7 simple tips to save water in your garden

7 simple tips to save water in your garden

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Like the bathroom or the kitchen, the outdoor space is a real consumer of water. Between the flowers, the lawn and the vegetable patch, the liters evaporate at full speed. To save on water in the garden, easy solutions are in place. Demonstration.

Tip n ° 1: put a mulch around the crops

If you decide to cover your soil, you will limit the loss of water due to evaporation. By mulching your plantations, it is therefore 40% less water that you will consume. The system is simple: by protecting the soil from the sun's rays, the mulch reduces the temperature and maintains the humidity longer. An aesthetic solution, easy to set up and above all inexpensive.

Tip # 2: use a drip irrigation system

The traditional garden hose lets water flow to almost 18 liters per minute. If some are equipped with a gun to control the flow, it is not the best solution to consume less. The ideal is therefore to use a drip irrigation system or a porous pipe which allows to regulate the quantity of water distributed by limiting its runoff. The flowerbeds and the vegetable gardens will love it!

Tip 3: install a water recovery system

Watering the lawn and garden or filling a pond are very important sources of drinking water consumption. To benefit from free and renewable water and thus save money, the ideal is to install a rainwater recovery system in your garden. Depending on usage, you can opt for two types of recuperator: a collector, a sort of overhead tank, or an underground tank. In both cases the system is the same: the rain that falls on the roof of the house is collected in gutters before being redirected to the recovery system chosen.

Tip n ° 4: favor hoeing

Hoeing is the action of turning the earth lightly and superficially about two centimeters thick. A fundamental gesture of gardening, the soil is then more permeable and the plants are better irrigated. This will limit the evaporation of moisture from the soil and reduce watering. You can then apply the saying: "one hoeing is worth two waterings"!

Tip n ° 5: rather water in the morning or in the evening

Particularly true in full summer season but valid throughout the year, watering at the start of the day or in the evening reduces water evaporation because the soil is less hot. Plants capture more water and thus withstand the heat of the day better.

Tip n ° 6: wash the car in a station

Washing your car at home can consume up to 200 liters of water for a single car against 100 to 150 liters for washing with rollers and 50 to 60 liters for high pressure cleaning in the station. By preferring the washing station for the maintenance of your car, you reduce your water consumption and also avoid the escape of hydrocarbons or grease on your floors.

Tip n ° 7: bet on a water-saving vegetable garden!

Some vegetables require less water to grow. Choose asparagus, carrots or potatoes, crops that consume less water than melons or tomatoes. Similarly, mid-season crops such as salads, spinach or peas take advantage of the spring and autumn rains for watering at a lower cost!