Adopt the Scandicraft style!

Adopt the Scandicraft style!

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You thought the Scandinavian decoration slightly out of breath? Think again, this Nordic style is unbeatable and has not said its last word! In 2019, it is renewed and continues to seduce us by becoming the Scandicraft. What does this new Nordic style correspond to and how to adopt it? We tell you everything with our decorative decryption…

What is Scandicraft decor?

© Bloomingville By dint of seeing it everywhere, the Scandinavian style no longer holds any secrets for decoration lovers. But this year, it is renewed for our greatest happiness. However, the roots of the Nordic style are still there! In other words, the fundamentals of Scandinavian - namely simplicity and comfort, the functionality of the furniture and the predominance of light - are still the watchwords. But then what changes? The Scandinavian style wants to be more flexible by allowing an even warmer and whimsical decor through the Scandicraft. The furniture indulges in a little madness by swapping the clean lines for softer and flowing curves. But above all Scandicraft wants to be more natural with the desire to choose durable and authentic furniture…

In practice, what does it give?

© Maisons du Monde In general, light colors as well as pastels remain safe values ​​to adopt the Scandicraft style. That said, we can also allow ourselves some hushed and more intense shades like terra cota, deep green and all natural colors. Because, once again, Scandicraft offers itself a wind of freedom by inviting Mother Nature ... Thus, plant decoration is essential in all rooms of the house (dried flowers, hanging plants, pampas herbs, herbarium frames ... ). If nature takes possession of the place through plants, it also inspires furniture of this style in search of authenticity. Wood remains THE preferred material. But there is a sensational entry of rattan, especially with the return of cane. In the same way, other natural fibers (such as rope, bamboo or even straw) multiply and give pride of place to artisanal and more ethical creations. As for small decorative objects, candles and cozy plaids in wool or cotton, are always unanimous this winter to bring warmth and warmth to the spaces ... You understand, the Scandinavian style is always minimalist but claims more its natural character. In short, it favors a return to the sources which does good to our interiors as well as to our morale!