5 low-budget storage tips

5 low-budget storage tips

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From practical to decorative through the design box, the main idea remains to cleverly store your belongings without sacrificing your decoration. We share with you 5 storage tips at low prices!

TIP 1 - Sort and store smart

You always have the impression that your home is overflowing with business, so to optimize it will first have to sort and lighten your interior. Tidying up will be immediately more obvious. Then we organize! On the desk, we have banners for papers (LOFT RANGEMENT, less than 10 euros) as well as baskets and pretty pencil holders (CLIO, € 3.99). In the bathroom, you abuse baskets or small coordinated boxes (PICOTIN, 5 euros both) and each has its own corner, its shelf or its tablet! Compartmentalize the storage space to find everything and think of a color code to know who owns what!

TIP 2 - Play on the accumulation

It is always better to concentrate your storage than to scatter it all over the room. So do not hesitate to accumulate and stack in certain places to better clear the living space where you will need it. And then it also makes it possible to create pretty decorative corners… Think of a charming series of candy boxes on the kitchen shelf (HELENA, € 11.99 or the STORAGE jars in recycled glass from € 2.99) or even pots of different shades (FUN BOX pink, blue, yellow, green at € 6.99) to create a joyful mix and match of colors and styles. Finally, metal bins or wooden crates (MELI) to stack will help you to put order in a child's room, as well as trunks stacked in a Russian doll style ... Treat yourself at a low price!

TIP 3 - Bet on coin corners

Every inch counts in a small space: the lost corners and corners or theempty space under the stairs can be perfect storage spots. Open or closed shelves or storage cubes are placed there (BIBI, pink, blue, fuchsia colored cubes… € 9.74 each)! Remember that you can slide boxes under your box spring. Similarly, at the foot of the bed, a beautiful trunk will contain blankets and other small treasures (AMBER, € 29.90) Finally invest your walls using colored wall shelves (BRAD at € 14.99 or RUSH at 9, 99 €) or hanging jars… Consider using shelves to place your baskets, or even hooks and suction cups to hang pots.

TIP 4 - Order inside closets too!

Choose suitable storage: in your wardrobe, for example, use baskets, organizers, clever tie hangers, scarves, etc. We explain everything in our article "3 essential accessories for a tidy wardrobe"! Boxes for jewelry, hooks for your large necklaces, but also large organizing baskets (IVY, 5 baskets for € 8.99). Don't leave anything lying around!

TIP 5 - Use multi-purpose storage

The LAZIO metal basket is perfect in the kitchen to accommodate your fruit, on the table for your guests' towels, or in your bathroom for small soaps. Each object can have several uses, but you have to think about it! A bit like the evolutionary storage of cubic types and bins which can accommodate new elements according to your needs. You will understand, each type of storage has its usefulness, but can also be diverted to other uses: be smart, and buy smart!

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