5 tips to bring light to a windowless bathroom

5 tips to bring light to a windowless bathroom

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Many of us are not fortunate enough to have a window in the bathroom. To overcome this inconvenience, there are many simple and decorative tips to bring light to your bathroom.

Tip # 1: artificial light

No window? That's good, candles are an essential decorative element and particularly appreciated to create a soft atmosphere. If you are afraid of introducing fire into your bathroom, opt for artificial light sources: wall spots, hanging lamps, etc.

Tip # 2: mirrors and reflections

Everyone knows that mirrors enlarge the space and reflect the light. Why deprive yourself of it? Large mirrors or small self-adhesive pieces add light to the bathroom. Like transparent, golden, glass or shiny bathroom accessories.

Tip N ° 3: decoration

If you want to divert the attention of your visitors from the absence of exterior light, surprise them with an astonishing decoration, which captivates. A homemade shell mirror, or simply a personalized photo frame with your holiday memories, everything is good to give cachet to this room.

Tip # 4: white

White is the best friend of narrow, dark spaces. This luminous color par excellence - and very practical (especially if you tend to stain your walls) - is therefore a major ally to favor here. Preferably choose a bright white, even slightly iridescent to play on the reflections.

Tip 5: plants

To prevent your bathroom without window sinking into gloom or even depression, introduce life! Contrary to what one might think, there are many plants that can survive with little light (mint, begonias, Swedish ivy in pots, adiantum ...). If you do not have room, think of small terrarium plants (geometric glass structures).