A vitamin shopping of utensils to cut your fruit

A vitamin shopping of utensils to cut your fruit

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1.3 decorative vegetable stems, from Mathon, € 9.74 2. Fruit reeler, the Little Prankster, Tellier, € 11.90 3. The fruit display vase + fruit cutouts Flower Power Joy, € 21.50 4. The 3 blade vegetable trimmer by Mastrad , € 9.90 5. Fruit and vegetable cut, 4 forms, Vlalaffaire, € 3.49 6. Quickstick vegetable cut, at Alice Délice, € 16.89 7. The Rotary Peeler, 3-in-1 vegetable peeler, Joseph Joseph, € 18.99 8.L melon bowl, exotic fruit cut, Maison Habiague, € 16.90

Fruits and vegetables, a desire for simplicity

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten without moderation! We favor seasonal products, we diversify colors, flavors, according to our desires. We consume them raw or prepared but especially at the time of busy schedules, we want more simplicity. That's good, many brands offer small practical utensils to save time in cutting vegetables or fruits. Ideal for aperitifs 'dipping' where you can eat lots of small sticks of raw vegetables. No more reason to skip the vegetables as an aperitif!

Make way for fantasy, anything goes!

With fruits and vegetables, a veritable playground of colors and textures opens up to us! We dare all the fantasies, cookie cutters or serpentine cuts are allowed. Also bet on a creative presentation to make your guests salivate around the fruits and vegetables thus staged. You will easily find trendy decorative displays!

Innovative cutting utensils

In terms of design and innovation, cutting utensils are not to be outdone. Not only do they allow you to save time easily and present your fruit and vegetables in a creative way, but they are designed as real small accessories of technology with a minimalist or colorful design that you want to take out of the drawer and d use in all circumstances!


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