5 DIY for children special fall

5 DIY for children special fall

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Difficult to keep the kids busy when the weather is bad. And if you offered them a DIY fun activity. In the fall, there is a lot to do! You help yourself, here are 5 DIY specials for children special fall.

1. A lion's head

To make a beautiful lion head, you need a cardboard plate, orange paint, brushes, glue, dead leaves and a black marker. The first step is to paint the cardboard plate orange and then allow it to dry. Then you have to stick dead leaves all around the plate to create a beautiful mane. In the center of the plate, with the black marker, draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the feline! In the same spirit, you can also create an owl. Draw the animal on a large thick sheet then glue leaves to create the plumage and finally glue two pieces of leaves to make the ears and one for the beak!

2. An autumnal tealight holder

To make these candle jars, you need glass jars and even jars. You also need dead leaves, glue and small LED candles. Glue the dead leaves on the pots using glue. It is interesting to make tealight holders of different shades. Let dry then place the LED candles in the jars. These candle jars placed on a wooden tray are a real decorative asset!

3. A bunch of leaves

It is possible to make a flower with dead leaves. To do this, many dead leaves must be collected. Put them in line then roll them by the base. Tie everything with a wire then place them on a pot. The jar can be a simple glass on which you put aluminum. You can also take a polystyrene ball paint it in gold then place it in the center of your flower.

4. A snowy tree

In the fall, dead leaves fall and collect in large quantities. But you will also find many sticks. These can be collected to create a snowy tree. Assemble several sticks in a harmonious way. Make popcorn and hang them on the branches using white wire. You have to put a lot of them so that the branches are almost covered.

5. Animals with chestnuts

Chestnuts are found by the hundreds in the fall! You can use them to create any type of animal. For example, you can make a pretty caterpillar. Take a big chestnut for the head then 5 or 6 small chestnuts for the body. Thread everything on a wire to assemble the chestnuts. With paint, you can create ladybugs and by combining a pine cone with a brown, you will give life to a pretty hedgehog! The ideas are still very numerous, you just have to go around social networks like Pinterest or blogs dedicated to DIY to find fun and seasonal activities.