Protect your wooden furniture from insects

Protect your wooden furniture from insects

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Capricorns, tendrils or termites, so many charming little animals who like to settle in our homes to feed on the wood of the furniture. How to spot them? The little holes they leave as well as the little sawdust found on the ground. In this case, only one solution: apply a repellant. For this, the company Dyrup, a European specialist in the market for stains, invents xylophene . This product can be used in two ways. As a preventive spray, or as an injection using a suitable nozzle in the parts already affected. What, eliminate small animals and prevent their untimely return ... To be used on both contemporary furniture as old furniture. On the practical side, better to pass two layers of product with an hour of drying between each layer. Wait 24 to 48 hours for complete drying. With a 400 ml bottle (format offered) you can treat 1 m² of surface. Finally the price is 9.90 euros. > And you, have you ever used this product to protect your wooden furniture from insects? If yes, what do you think?


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