Chic and inexpensive: where to find bohemian weavings?

Chic and inexpensive: where to find bohemian weavings?

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1. Sequin wall weaving, Cyrillus, 45 euros 2. Publius wall tapestry, Am.Pm, 139 euros 3. Artesian Noir Atylia wall weaving, La Redoute, 67 euros 4. Tie & dye wall weaving, Cyrillus, 32.90 euros 5 .Bohemian wall weaving Bloomingville, Etoile & Company, 40 euros 6.Multic wall weaving, Cyrillus, 59.90 euros 7.Angie wall weaving, Am.Pm, 129 euros 8.Macramé wall decoration Bloomingville, Fleux, 49.90 euros 9 .Madam Stoltz macrame wall hanging, My Bohem, 39 euros

Weaves ready to hang

Open your eyes! Some decorative brands have already smelled the trend and offer their wall weaving to fix in the blink of an eye. Go to the brands that offer decorative styles inspired by travel or others that highlight the decorative spirit of craftsmanship. We already find very beautiful models with sequins, tie & dye or macramé at brands like Cyrillus, Bloomingville or AM.PM. For an even more original and handmade creation, you can also turn to the sites of small designer boutiques such as Etsy or Alittlemarket where weaving of all sizes and colors is on the increase.

The DIY option

The real trend of bohemian weaving is DIY! So why not try to make your own creation by starting with a small model. You will find on the market kits and weaving looms which will allow you to slip between the threads the materials of your choice for a custom-made decoration. And for the more resourceful, you can even create your own loom from an old photo frame or a rigid cardboard in which you will cut notches. An ideal activity to do also with children.


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