5 laundry basket ideas for your laundry room

5 laundry basket ideas for your laundry room

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A laundry basket is often bland. However, today you can find a multitude of models all more different from each other. In plastic, natural materials, metal or even fabric, you have the choice. In addition, the laundry baskets are more practical than before! They are available in various sizes and sometimes offer several compartments! Here are 5 laundry basket ideas for your laundry room.

1. Baskets of all sizes to better sort your clothes

For optimal laundry management, it is essential to sort it well. All clothes should be washed at a certain temperature and therefore with a certain washing program. In order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to provide several baskets! The little ones will welcome delicate linen such as wool sweaters, underwear or even cashmere or silk pieces. The largest baskets will accommodate linens that wash at high temperatures, light and dark clothes.

2. A plastic laundry basket for wet laundry

When you empty your washing machine, you cannot use just any basket. Indeed, it must be plastic in order to resist humidity. It is also a good idea to choose a laundry basket that can be moved easily. Prefer therefore the models with handles or those which are equipped with casters and which help you to preserve your back! The other advantage of the plastic laundry basket is that it is easy to maintain: a simple sponge is enough to wash it.

3. An XXL bag to better transport the laundry

The XXL bag-shaped laundry basket is resolutely trendy. It is available in all colors and offers a multitude of patterns. You can put it in each room, even in the room of toddlers. Models exist for them! Once filled, the bag is very easy to transport and can be stored in the laundry room. Know that this type of laundry basket also exists in humorous models that will appeal to your whole tribe.

4. A basket with lid for perfect storage

Even if the laundry room is not a living room, we love it when it is tidy. Therefore, you can opt for a laundry basket with lid. Thus, the laundry is not visible to everyone and especially the possible bad smells do not disperse. Laundry basket models can be very simple, modern and practical. They can also have a little decorative side! This is the case with baskets with wicker lid.

5. An integrated basket that knows how to be discreet

You don't like to see your laundry basket? Rest assured, some models are integrated into furniture. This option is very practical, especially to save space. Depending on the model chosen, you can take advantage of one or more bins, but also a space to store your laundry and your fabric softener. A real asset!

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