Make a Piggy Bank M. Magot

Make a Piggy Bank M. Magot

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1 balloon 3 rolls of standard plastered strips 1 pair of scissors 1 bowl 1 knife 4 cork stoppers 1 cork stopper 5 cm in diameter Universal glue 1 ball of white cotton cotillion 1 news: 739781 cutter 1 piece of large yarn iron Pink, fuchsia and beige acrylic paint 1 medium brush-brush 1 fine brush 1 black felt pen


45 'Molding and assembly of the pig

Inflate the balloon to the desired volume, close with a knot and hang it. Fill a basin with lukewarm water. Dip the plaster strips and cover the balloon with two layers as in sketch 1. After drying, deflate the balloon and remove it. Apply a third layer of strips. When the plaster strips are solid but still wet, make four holes at the base of the pig's body with a knife and drive the plugs in, letting them protrude by half. Glue the large cap for the snout.

Make the ears by cutting two square pieces of plaster bands that you fold into a triangle. Dip them in water, position them and hold them for a few minutes to obtain the desired shape. Then cover the legs and snout with 2 thicknesses of plastered strips. With a news: 739781 cutter, make the opening for the coins. Let dry 24 hours. Twist the piece of wire in a spiral and fix it to make the corkscrew tail.

15 'Finish

Use a paintbrush to paint the entire pig in pink, then use the fine brush to make the nostrils and the inside of the ears in fuchsia and the hooves in beige. To make the eyes, cut with an actu: 739781 cut the ball of the cotillion in half, draw the pupils with black felt tip and fix them above the snout with a point of glue.


Under the piggy bank, make an opening that you will close with a cap. SC1662926Ot: crop @ h: 259 @ w: 184 @ x1: 6 @ y1: 5 @ wc: 184 @ hc: 259 20 plaster objects © éditions Flammarion, 2004


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