My wedding list for a baroque style interior

My wedding list for a baroque style interior

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Do you like shimmering materials, dark colors combined with more vivid ones? So you appreciate the baroque or rather neo-baroque style for your interior. Your wedding list must therefore meet your expectations. To create your decorative wedding list think of signs like Maisons du Monde or Graine d'Intérieur. You will find furniture and accessories in a revisited Baroque style which is still as trendy as ever. Choose a selection of furniture and objects with exuberant shapes, with arabesques typical of this era. Note that the neo-baroque mixes shiny materials such as velvet or lacquer to give an appearance that is both precious and charged. On the color side, it is black that must be highlighted. You can choose to highlight it with very bright colors like red or fuchsia pink. Bet on a castle spirit to which you will add a touch of glamor in the manner of Chantal Thomass. Among the essential pieces, select an imposing armchair, a decorative mirror, a refined chandelier… Discover our selection for a baroque wedding list: > A wedding list to do? Let us know your ideas and tips!


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