What's new for outdoor textiles?

What's new for outdoor textiles?

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Waterproof, super resistant, anti-UV, the outdoor textile is both more technical and trendy to offer you new comfort and custom decoration! Quickly discover all the new textiles to equip your terrace.

Anti-UV and water-repellent and eco-friendly: which textile to shelter from the sun?

No, fabrics do not only create a shadow area! Whether it's your awning, shade sails or your parasol, you can now use an anti-UV fabric. In Dickson Constant , giant of the sector, the awning fabric Orchestra (the benchmark in sun protection) available in several colors, offers you in addition a very good protection against UV rays, heat, light and bad weather!

Another interesting innovation at Dickson , the eco-designed REPLAY collection. The principle: reuse acrylic yarn from the ends of bobbins in the weaving of new textiles, threads hitherto entrusted to external recycling. The result is an eco-friendly fabric, original patterns, modern colors ... and higher tear resistance thanks to the size of the thread. Note: also the collection of awning fabrics, which is not only waterproof but also self-cleaning when it rains. This technical textile is equipped with infrared reflectors which prevent overheating under the fabric.

Outdoor textiles never cease to amaze and innovate, since the Dickson Constant is developing a photovoltaic canvas which, once in place, would capture the sun's rays to produce energy! Perfect for powering your electric awning: we can't wait!

What about cushions, deckchairs, rugs?

The accessories for your summer are not to be outdone in terms of innovation since more and more manufacturers are offering textiles that are resistant to humidity, antifungal and resistant to both rain and UV! Using prestressed technology, , offers for example outdoor fabrics and canvases (Batyline Lounge Vlaemynck) light, flexible, which dry very quickly and which will be perfect for making seats, sunbathing, garden chairs, blinds, awnings ... Opt for the lounge version that gives you the same feel and feel as a textile. In Autan atmosphere , the deckchairs are adorned with fabrics in shimmering colors, pretty white curtains framed your pergola: ideal for creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation on your terrace. And quality is at the rendezvous since all the fabrics dedicated to the exterior are both resistant to the sun and UV, but also to chlorine and seawater and mold!

Finally House of the world or Ikea have developed collections of rugs and cushions specially for the outdoors (anti-UV). Result we take advantage of colorful cushions and patterned rugs to give a decorative and design touch to our terrace!