Our advice for choosing the right kitchen hood

Our advice for choosing the right kitchen hood

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In the kitchen, the hood is an essential element to allow the evacuation of smoke and odors. Power, ventilation system and aesthetics are the three important points to consider before choosing the hood for your kitchen. However, you should not neglect the aesthetic and practical aspect of the device, depending on your room. Here is the essential to know before committing to the purchase of a hood.

Different drainage and filtration systems

When purchasing your hood, you must be well informed about the capacities of the models you have identified. Indeed, the hood is a determining element for the evacuation of odors after cooking. Different possibilities of evacuation and filtration exist for an efficient aspiration. If you have the possibility of installing a hood near an external wall, you can opt for the installation with external exhaust which rejects the air out of the room. If you want to recycle the air, you can go to an installation in recycling mode, where the air is filtered by a grease filter and an activated carbon filter.

How to choose the power of your hood

In order to ensure efficient extraction in the kitchen, the minimum flow rate of the hood must be determined so that the hood has sufficient power. For this, a simple calculation is necessary. The minimum flow rate of the hood must be 10 times greater than the volume of the kitchen for external evacuation and 20 times greater in the case of evacuation by recycling.

Which hood for which kitchen

The hood must integrate naturally into your room so as not to denote the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. You must also take into account the size of your room, your storage elements and the layout of your kitchen. For example, the hood visor or the extractor hood allow the arrangement of additional storage and saving space. The particularity of these evacuations is to be able to be fixed to a tall piece of furniture. The drawer hood allows the same ease of storage and also guarantees perfect suction thanks to a retractable drawer.

Different types of hoods

There are wall hoods (to attach to the wall), decorative hoods or built-in hoods, which each have a wide range of colors and very different looks.

In a modern and design style, you can opt for an island hood, if you want to cook on a central island. Very efficient and aesthetic, it will give you a unique visual appearance. Finally, the wall hood offers all the possibilities for customization and great ease of installation for a wide choice of models. Finally, remember to take good care of your device so that it does not get dirty.