5 styles of posters that will dress your walls

5 styles of posters that will dress your walls

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It is not easy to dress the many walls of a house. However, a few posters are enough! You just have to find the ones you like, which match the decor of your interior and also with the colors already present in your home. To help you make the right choice, here are 5 styles of posters that will decorate your walls.

1. Cinema posters

To decorate your walls, you can of course count on the thousands of movie posters. There is something for every taste ! Do you like black and white? An old poster will easily find its place in your home! You can also choose offset posters, in harmonious colors and even posters that are a real masterpiece. You can also decorate the children's room! In addition to the movie posters, you can count on the very many film photos available. So you can create unique atmospheres at home while respecting the style of your decor: trendy, vintage, classic or on the contrary contemporary.

2. Old advertisements

Very often in decoration stores, it is possible to find old advertisements to decorate your interior. This idea is pretty good because you can adapt to the room. Most often, old advertising posters easily find their place in rooms that are difficult to decorate, such as the bathroom or kitchen. The bathroom can be adorned with pretty advertisements of soap or detergent while the kitchen will appreciate the old pubs of the big brands.

3. Sporting and artistic events

Sporting and artistic events have punctuated the year for decades and decades. The posters are wonderful opportunities to decorate your interior. The old Formula 1 displays are works of art and offer colors that are still very trendy today. You can also decorate your interior with the poster of an exhibition or a ballet. In a beautiful frame with a white pass and a black outline, these posters will be perfectly highlighted, like all the others besides.

4. Tourist posters

And yes, even if the practice is now forgotten, a few years ago, regions and tourist sites tried to attract tourists by putting up posters. These were often very successful and even today, copies can be obtained. In the living rooms as in the corridors, these posters make us want to travel!

5. The covers of old magazines

Definitely the old one is still popular! As with movie posters or old ads, you can find old magazines. These posters are always very interesting because they mark an era, call for discussion and even remind us of some memories. Know that to enhance your posters, it is better to frame them. Thus, they will be kept and your decor will be perfect!


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