An indoor fountain for a Zen atmosphere

An indoor fountain for a Zen atmosphere

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An indoor fountain to create a Zen atmosphere

Since the time that you dreamed of relaxation and zenitude, why not invest in an indoor fountain which will bring all the qualities sought to make your home sweet home a real cocoon of serenity? Imagine the joy of hearing the water trickling into your home, as if you were on vacation, whenever you want. This gentle rustle, discreet but which has the gift of soothing you in a few moments.

It is well known, the decoration of an interior plays fundamentally on the mood and the morale of its occupants. By adding a fountain in the house, you can be sure to start the day with a calmer and less stressed mind, and especially to appreciate the return to calm after a hard and long day at work. Its lapping is a real invitation to moments of relaxation, and will even help you fall asleep with a light mind…

The indoor fountain, a trendy decorative and well-being object

At a time when we live in increasingly urbanized and polluted environments, the return to nature is becoming more and more necessary. In recent years, the natural is very trendy in the decorating world. And the timeless indoor fountains are among the most popular decorative objects to bring nature into our homes.

You can thus create a small corner of nature in your living room or another room of the house. Install a fountain, add some candles and plants, or even a salt lamp if you want a corner dedicated to meditation.

In addition to their decorative appearance, indoor fountains are also objects that improve your well-being on a daily basis. They help humidify the air in your home. They naturally release negative ions which drive out the dust and micro-pollutants present in the ambient air. To boost their purifying effect, do not hesitate to add a few drops of lemon, eucalyptus or ravintsara essential oil to the water in your fountain.

It is however important to know that only indoor fountains whose water flows from top to bottom can promote good circulation and purification of the air.

An indoor fountain for all tastes

Manufacturers and brands have understood this: the indoor fountain is a timeless decorative object. They therefore do not hesitate to renew themselves regularly by offering different designs adapted to trends.

Whether you live in a house, a studio or even a loft, there is bound to be an indoor fountain that suits you. Regarding styles, materials, functions or sizes, it is not complicated: there is something for everyone!

There are in particular miniature fountains, very practical, which can be easily installed in an interior. Connected to the mains, they diffuse the gentle rustle of the water continuously. Like a Japanese garden, a waterfall or even a Buddha statue, indoor fountains are very often inspired by the Zen universe.

Some indoor fountain models even broadcast a harmonious melody or have a system of LEDs that illuminate the water and color it with a light system.

Most of the models work on the same principle: a circulation of water in closed cycle. Just put a little water in the basin. Then, a pump hidden under the decoration makes the water gush out in the basin continuously.

You will understand, in addition to creating a Zen atmosphere, the fountains are real decorative accessories: awesome right? And icing on the cake, you will not have to put your accounts in the red to offer you the indoor fountain of your dreams. We join!