Make puck magnets

Make puck magnets

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Magazines 1 box of washers (40 x 16 mm) 1 pencil Scissors 1 sheet of flexible magnet (to be cut) Contact glue


2 'Selection of images

Spot small images in magazines: take a washer, drag it on the pages until you find an image that perfectly matches its central hole. With a pencil, trace the outline of the washer, then cut it by removing about 2 millimeters all around.

Trace the outline of the washer, then cut it out

1 'Cutting the magnet sheet

Cut a 2.8 x 2.8 cm square from the flexible magnet sheet.

2 'Assembly of the different elements

With contact adhesive, glue the back of the washer as well as the part of the image that will not be visible. Wait for the glue to dry, then put these two elements in contact. Then glue the back of the image and the magnet. After drying, assemble.

Washer - Cut out image - Magnet You can create magnets of all sizes because the choice of washers is very large. However, choose those with a large central hole so that you can drag an image into them. For small washers, you can use solid colors in the center.


If the weight of the washer is too great, consider increasing the surface of the magnet. In order not to go wrong with the side of the magnet to be glued, do a very simple test: put it on the washer. Then glue the face of the magnet which is not attracted by the washer against the latter. 20 Metal and wire objects © éditions Flammarion, 2004


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