Plants for every room in the house

Plants for every room in the house

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Nothing like plants to decorate your interior and make it warmer. Here are some tips for installing the right plant in the right room.

In the ponds

In the kitchen and the bathroom, favor robust and tropical plants which appreciate heat and humidity throughout the year. Opt for anthurium, asplenium, nephrolepis, lucky bamboo, schlumbergera, orchid, bromeliad, papyrus, areca or even carnivorous plants.

In the living room

This room, generally bright and large, is perfect for installing large plants. Group several. You will get a harmonious effect while creating a moisture bubble. You have the choice between areca, yucca, bromeliad, calathea, orchid, dracaena, philodendron, spathiphyllum, ficus, jasmine or even kentia.

In the bedroom

The bedroom is often small and less bright than the living room, and its temperature varies little. Avoid plants with fragrant flowers, which can interfere with your sleep. Instead, choose plants with decorative foliage such as cyclamen, areca, saintpaulia, scindapsus, beaucarnea, chamaedorea, kalanchoe, spathiphyllum, lucky bamboo or phalaenopsis. To know more : Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"