What color for a teenage bedroom?

What color for a teenage bedroom?

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That's it, our dear little ones have grown up and it is time - they are asking us to do so - to give their bedroom a big brushstroke! Exit wooden toys, childish stickers and other stuffed animals, the teenager expresses his tastes and wants a personalized or even very personalized universe where he can integrate a whole bunch of objects and memories. So, if you don't have to drop pastel shades such as sky blue or pale pink, you can already remove the wallpapers and other friezes "jungle animals". If your teen wants to personalize his room, give him the freedom to choose accessories, textiles, elements that you can then modify according to his desires. For the colors of the walls, bet on shades of soft tones enhanced with a sharper color, which work well in teen universes.

Shades of blue + mustard yellow

Play the combination of blues, rather shades of gray and mustard yellow, two very trendy shades. The blues bring a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, the yellow gives a boost to the whole and brings back to balance for a room "positive attitude"!

Shades of water greens and grays

These are soft shades, which work just as well for a girl or a boy and which then allow you to accessorize with all types of universe. We put on the modernity of these tones and on their more adult aspect while nuances.

Dulux Valentine "spring water" "secret garden" and "tenderly green" colors

Blue + gray + orange

Make way for pep's with this tangy teen bedroom! Blue and orange, two complementary shades that balance and create a vitamin-rich but not aggressive piece. Gray is used in soothing value, it is often found in teenagers' rooms for more urban atmospheres, New York or London, which are popular with our teens.

Chocolate and beige shades

Ideal for creating a cozy cocoon, the chocolate colors associated with beige are timeless. Then everyone is free to associate their own decor or accessorize with touches of pink or blue on this deliberately mixed atmosphere.

Tollens "grizzly", "gabardine" and "saiga" colors