The 5 major decorative trends that will make 2019!

The 5 major decorative trends that will make 2019!

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1. Caning:

© La Redoute Interiors Adept at vintage decor and nostalgic retro style, you will be delighted with the return of caning! Already present this summer, this artisanal technique of weaving in rattan fibers (mainly) continues its ascent in 2019. And for good reason, caning is invited on all the furniture of the house: from the armchair to the light while passing by the row , tables or even the headboard… And if we love it so much, it's because it is a guarantee of authenticity! But above all, because it has the ability to adapt to many decorative styles. Indeed, we imagine it as much in an Art Deco type interior, exotic, vintage, bohemian and even Nordic!

2. The velvet:

© Broste Copenhagen Another decorative material that proves, once again, that fashion is only a question of revival: velvet. And he too has continued its peak for a few seasons already. A star material from the 70s, velvet is an ode to softness! Today, he dresses elegantly cushions, sofas, throws, bed linen, poufs, carpets ... Pleasant to the touch and comforting to his vision, it brings a little warmth into our interiors and makes us cruelly want to bubble. If it comes in multiple shapes and colors, it is in its ribbed version that we prefer it for this new year.

3. The display cabinets:

© Maisons du Monde We were talking about it a while ago, maximalist decor is on the rise this winter. This decorative style asserts its character by inviting us to exhibit all of our decorative items. And what could be better than a display cabinet to proudly display its collections? As you can see, the year 2019 marks the return of openwork furniture! The good news ? The display cabinet is no longer confined to the kitchen. Even if it is always a sensation to store your dishes in style, it now finds its place in all rooms of the house! In an office to store books, binders and decorative items of all kinds, in a room to store with style shoes and other accessories, on a balcony to accumulate pots of flowers and succulents ...

4. Natural fibers:

© Madam Stoltz At a time when environmental questions influence our daily lives, decoration is becoming more and more respectful and sustainable. So much so that nature asserts its presence in our interiors. And it is not the latest styles in vogue that will tell us the opposite ... We are thinking in particular of the Scandicraft decor which honors all natural fibers to furnish and decorate our interiors. Straw, bamboo, rattan, wood, rope, wicker, jute ... This year again, Mother Nature is essential and adapts to all styles for a homecoming which is not to displease us ...

5. Dried flowers:

© Pampa We warned you, nature is omnipresent in our interiors. After the terrariums and herbarium-style frames, it's the turn of the dried flowers to make a sensational entrance on the front of the decor scene. Suspended for a bohemian atmosphere, delicately hung on a brass crown for a bucolic plant decoration, in soliflore for a more modern look, sub-bell for an offbeat composition… The dried flowers are intended to be poetic and delicate at will.


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