An office for two

An office for two

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Working in pairs in the same room is not easy, but with a little organization and a few tricks, it is quite possible to coexist there in harmony. How to share the space and create a space conducive to serene work for everyone? Discover the editor's answers in pictures.

Office: everyone has their own space

To guarantee everyone a workspace, it is essential to think carefully about the layout of the offices and to take into account the preferences of the two workers. Face-to-face, side by side, perpendicular to each other, take the time to think about it and test several options to meet everyone's needs.

Separators for more privacy

Some people need privacy, in this case, dividers, available at Ikea for example, can be installed between offices to promote concentration. Pretty boxes or plants can also be used to delimit each workspace. The important thing is that each person feels good and has their well defined workspace.

Not jealous

Neither occupant should feel injured. So we think the decor and accessories in duplicate! Two lamps, two staplers, two mugs and enough storage for two. Having your own small items will not only prevent conflicts, but also personalize the two workspaces.

A decorative and personalized office

In terms of decoration, we think of two the atmosphere we want to create, but we don't forget to let everyone's creativity express itself. Consider, for example, installing magnetic signs or cork boards that will accommodate small posters or photos.