Krups selects Lenôtre (or vice versa)

Krups selects Lenôtre (or vice versa)

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- And for Krups, we select Lenôtre! - And why yours? Ours is great too! Well, I'm happy, I just made my rotten joke, so we can move on to serious things, and even very serious things since Krups has announced the launch of a new range of "Lenôtre selection" devices. This range includes a kitchen machine, a multi-function robot and a blender. With such a partnership, Krups is obviously targeting a rather high-end appliance intended for cooks who want semi-professional equipment.

The kitchen machine

The kitchen machine innovates with a double arm kneader which will perfectly reproduce the movement of a professional kneader. Krups indicates that, when removed from the oven, a brioche made with this utensil will have a volume 15% greater than that of a brioche made with a conventional kneader. The kitchen machine also has an open area steel whisk. Finally, it has a "Silence Power Electronics" function to reduce noise during use.

The blender

The Lenôtre selection blender is composed of a knife with 6 hardened steel blades. Four speeds are available depending on your type of preparation, as well as a "slow" button to add ingredients during preparation and an "ice crush" button for looted ice.

The multifunctional robot

The Lenôtre selection multi-function robot is an intelligent robot since you can now program it: a timer is indeed integrated, so there is no need to hang around in front of your machine! It also comes with many accessories: a mini chopper tank, 2 discs for grating / slicing, a Parmesan disc, a metal kneader, a metal whisk, a 6-blade knife and a spatula.

Krups kitchen machine Lenôtre selection, YY8506, € 549.49 Krups blender Lenôtre selection, YY8507, € 179.99 Krups, Lenôtre selection multi-function robot, YY8508, € 399.99