Which shower column in my bathroom?

Which shower column in my bathroom?

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The shower column is the essential element in the shower. It is used to connect the hand shower head, the mixer, the hose and the overhead shower head. However, choosing it is not always easy because it is often less known than other elements of the bathroom. Regarding the material, several choices exist. The majority of shower columns are made of ABS plastic, which makes them practical and easy to clean. Some models are available in rot-proof wood , the result is elegant but a little more expensive. Others are in chrome-plated brass for a contemporary look. You will also find in aluminum , in steel or in synthetic glass for a designer bathroom. On the aesthetic side, you will often have the choice between two groups of shower columns: single columns and optional columns. Simple columns consist of a simple ramp and are therefore inexpensive (it also depends on the material). The optional shower columns can be fitted with nozzle and massage apples of all kinds, from storage shelves and of mixer mechanical or thermostatic (blocking at 38 degrees to avoid burns). Photos of bathrooms to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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