A whole garden in the house

A whole garden in the house

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A touch of elegance in the garden, a touch of wild jungle in the house, here is the trend in vogue "Outdoor-Indoor". The "interior-exterior" trend, in French in the text, is a hit. As proof, there has been, for more than a year, an entity within the Salon Maison et Objet dedicated to it! It can be summed up in a shower of references to nature, installed in your sweet-home, and in terraces and gardens, with furniture that can be found in any living room, without the slightest problem. The proposals are more or less elaborate: from a simple object evoking the garden, like a watering can transformed into a vase, a ladder on a shelf, passing by a plethora of cushions that you will take out on the terrace in summer. And the creators do not lack imagination, fountains in cascades, walls of plants, all transforming your home into a kind of Garden of Eden where you may find peace. In the garden, imagine yourself extending your living room outside, with a lamp, a chair table, a pouffe sofa… The specialists see this as the expression of a certain malaise in our society, of a need to find certain values ​​in these difficult times. Nature is obviously positive, synonymous with calm and back to basics. Terraces and gardens have never been so successful, the market in this sector is constantly increasing, each wanting their little piece of green meadow. However, and contrary to popular belief, it is more about being able to relax, surrounded by greenery, than real passion for gardening. The followers of this discipline although more and more numerous are not necessarily the same as the addicts of this new trend. The fact remains that garden furniture professionals now offer armchairs or sofas that can move from one space to another, so much aesthetic efforts have been made, accompanied by a better mastery of materials which now allows some of its rooms a station extended outdoors without damage. The back and forth between inside and out are becoming classic, and the era when summer furniture was stored in your garage or in the attic is well over.


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