A glam & rock bedroom for girls

A glam & rock bedroom for girls

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Teenagers from 8 to 12 years old finally have a room dedicated to them! The furniture and accessories are adorned with a glam and rock look for a room at the forefront of the trend that will inevitably appeal to young ladies. Presentation.

A girly collection

The Parisot Group offers a room combining glamorous pink and kissing prints with very rock black with studded effects. It consists of a trunk with drawers, a mirror, a small wardrobe, a dresser that turns into a dressing table, a glamorous desk, a large wardrobe and a very rocky bed . And to customize everything to your taste, there are small stickers to stick everywhere. The furniture is made in the Vosges and in Haute-Saône in a concern of quality but also of ecology. The Paris Doll Group's Lady Doll furniture is thus made from wood from eco-managed forests.

A dedicated website

The bedroom is accompanied by a mini-website www.lady-doll.com where fashion, beauty and leisure favorites are presented. Girls will also be able to transform themselves into interior designers using software to imagine and install their room. And little girls will also be able to download stickers, invitations, bookmarks, etc. The full Lady Doll range is on sale in Conforama stores. Discover the Lady Doll room in pictures. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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