An Indian-inspired lounge, like in Bombay, get inspired

An Indian-inspired lounge, like in Bombay, get inspired

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Shimmering colors, satin fabrics, sculpted and precious furniture, scents of the Orient, Zen atmosphere, these are in a few words what attracts us to Indian decoration. Without going overboard with a 100% Bollywood atmosphere, it is easy to draw inspiration from the major cities of India such as Bombay, New Delhi and Jaipur. Here's what you need for an Indian-style salon. - Regarding the furniture, you have several choices: for a rather traditional decoration, you will choose dark or red wood furniture, such as teak, mahogany or sheesham. Choose preferably FSC wooden furniture so as not to operate the illegal trade in these exotic species! You will also have the option of opting for slightly lighter wooden furniture, in mango for example. For a more contemporary spirit, you can choose white-washed furniture, with a whitened appearance or even more daring, furniture painted in silver. India loves what shines. In terms of form, you can choose from typically Indonesian coffee tables with short, curved legs. You can also opt for Indian coffee tables with sculpted contours and massive but rounded legs. Choose sideboards or dressers with worked and precious doors, with rather rounded shapes. Choose a low bench seat with an upholstered mattress and furnished with many colorful cushions. - In terms of material and colors, opt more for fabrics with shiny or satin reflections and favor shimmering colors, with different shades of red, pink, fuchsia, and orange and a few touches of anise green! - Question decorative objects, do not be afraid of the objects which sparkle! Play on warm and shiny colors as well as silver. To recall the Orient choose hammered iron objects. For the "Zen" spirit, have a few typically Indian statuettes and perfume your living room with incense with oriental scents ... Get inspired! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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