What color of furniture in my living room?

What color of furniture in my living room?

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Question from Christophe


Design answer: gray or chocolate

Your apartment has a lot of atmosphere, it also seems very bright. To answer your question, I would go either on a gray sofa or on a chocolate sofa. I think that the black would be too hard in this space and the white too contrasting compared to your walls, which are off-white. A chocolate sofa would recall the colors found on your floor and a gray sofa could bring an additional color. As you have to choose, let's go on a gray fabric sofa, modern and warm at the same time. You can accessorize it with linen-colored curtains, a black floor lamp, two cushions on the chocolate floor and an off-white carpet. This is an example, but starting from an important room like a sofa, you can bring to life all the other colors you like, by dispersing them in small touches in your interior. You too, send us your decoration question


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