What tools for my (large) garden?

What tools for my (large) garden?

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To have a beautiful garden, you need good tools. Sylvie Manni, Communication manager at Gardena, shows us the essential tools.

The scarifier and / or aerator

It is used twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. It is intended for the preparation and maintenance of turf. The scarifier scarifies the lawn, removing mosses, weeds and felts. The aerator (made of hardened steel claws) aerates the soil and removes some of the foam and felts.

The lawnmower

For a medium-sized garden (up to 500 m²), a helical mower is perfectly suited, whether manual, electric or on battery. It performs a so-called "English cut" (diagonally) which densifies the lawn. Up to 100 m², you can opt for a wired electric mower. Beyond this surface, choose a petrol lawn mower.

The trimmer

It is a complement to the mower. It allows finishing where it cannot access, at the edge of the field. The trimmer is available in manual or electric version.

The branch cutter or the weeder

These tools are used to cut the branches of trees during the winter. The branch cutter is intended for branches with accessible height. For very tall branches, we would rather use a weeder.

The pickup rake

It is used to collect leftover mowed grass or leaves. It is important to collect them regularly to prevent the lawn from turning yellow or choking. In addition, the rake aerates the lawn. The waste thus collected is placed in a composter, in the trash or in a city recovery bag.

The hedge trimmer

It is necessary only when you have hedges in your garden. It exists in electric or battery version. The latter is more practical and safer, avoiding certain cutting accidents due to discomfort of the wire. Some devices even have a swivel head, making work less tiring. To know more : Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"