Vosgean decor for your home sweet home

Vosgean decor for your home sweet home

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Passing through Lorraine, the green decor of the Vosges rhymes with Zen attitude and well-being. Its large buildings with flowered balconies, old converted farmhouses or its growing number of chalets are nestled in a peaceful setting in total harmony with nature.

What does the interior of a Vosges house look like?

To recreate the restful spirit of mountains and nature, wooden furniture and knick-knacks (table, shelves, lamp, bed ...) are of course essential. In order to contrast with the cold of winter, we recommend light colors that allow a warmer atmosphere while keeping the traditional side of the region. To accentuate this comfortable effect, choose warm tones that will go perfectly with wood. On the bedroom and bathroom side, it's the famous Vosges lingerie, known for its quality, which brings softness to create a real cozy nest. Let us not forget that a house at altitude, at the edge of a forest, at the foot of a lake or a meadow of daffodils, is also to breathe. Thanks to scented candles, the Vosges scents of fir trees and flowers accompany nature lovers even at home.


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