Apply natural flooring

Apply natural flooring

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When choosing your flooring, ask yourself the right questions in order to make the right purchase. Before buying your flooring, get good advice from the seller or the craftsman who will install it. Indeed, certain types of floors should be avoided or favored depending on the traffic and maintenance of your room. For any coating, read the labels carefully. There is a UPEC classification specific to the French market: U for wear, P for punching, E for sealing and C for chemicals. The degree of resistance is noted from 1 to 4 (for example 1 for light traffic up to 4 for heavy traffic). Class 2 is well suited for bedrooms and living rooms. For an office, we will be careful to choose a classification P3 for an office, and U3 or U4 for an entrance or a staircase. As for fire resistance, it is represented by the letter M and with ratings ranging from 0 (non-combustible) to 5 (very easily flammable). If you opt for carpet, there is a European ecological label : GUT 10009. A certified carpet is produced in respect of the environment, without toxic substance. Emissions and odors are reduced to a minimum and used production waste and carpets can be recycled. Before laying, the floor must be prepared to be flat and clean. The coverings in vegetable fibers on latex underlay are always bonded to prevent them from curling. The technique is almost the same as for carpet, but natural fibers are sometimes quite difficult to cut. When the floor change occurs as part of a change of decor, the VAT will be 19.6%. On the other hand, if it is a complete renovation of a room in a dwelling of more than two years, the installation of a flexible covering benefits from VAT at 5.5%. Please note, to benefit from this advantageous rate, the floor and the glue must be purchased by a professional. If you buy direct, 19.6% VAT is required.


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