Decorations on porcelain: Plumetis cups

Decorations on porcelain: Plumetis cups

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3 square cups Alcohol at 90 ° Thermosetting felt 1 roll of reserve adhesive 3 pieces of foam (1cm x1cm) 1 pen holder Fine brush Fan brush Cotton Swab Colors: Etruscan red (12), Agathe (04), Yellow from Marseille (02)

Production :


Carefully degrease the three cups with household paper soaked in 90 ° alcohol. Then sign them with thermosetting felt.


Start by preparing the bottom of the three cups by placing the adhesive on the outside of the fold of the porcelain to delimit the space to be covered. Press hard on the intersections of Scotch to improve grip.


Apply the Etruscan red color with the fan brush on the first cup. Gently tap with the foam to even out the bottom.


While being careful not to damage the color, remove the adhesive by pricking it with the feather or simply with your nails. Clean off excess color with a Cotton Swab soaked in water.


With the tip of the fine brush, sprinkle the edges of the cup with small spots of Etruscan red, then small spots of Marseille yellow and agathe.


Paint the bottom of the second dish with Marseille yellow. Patosize with the second piece of foam. Remove the adhesive.


Paint the three dotted colors (Etruscan red, Marseille yellow and agathe).


The bottom of the third dish is painted in agate. For small spots, use the same three colors for the three cups. Let the cups dry twenty-four hours before fixing the firing.


To obtain pretty dotted lines, lightly touch, without pressing, the porcelain with the tip of your brush.

20 decorations on Porcelain © Flammarion editions, 2003


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