5 ideas to customize your ceiling

5 ideas to customize your ceiling

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Forget white: make room for floor-to-ceiling decoration! Especially since it is very easy to customize the ceilings of your rooms to bring a decorative touch. Painting, canvas, stickers, discover 5 original ideas to make your ceiling a fully-fledged element of your decor.


Perfect for a child's room! Easy to stick and quite economical, we think of stickers that allow almost infinite variations and styles. Choose the size and color of the sticker and place it on the ceiling. You can choose to frame the surface like a frieze, to arrange it here and there according to your taste. In a living room, we will position it around the ceiling light to give it a new dimension.


Why choose white, when you could opt for color? If your walls are white, nothing prevents you from choosing a color for the ceiling: it's up to you to harmonize the color with your decor. You can also paint your walls and ceiling in the same color for a more cocooning effect. In a bedroom, a strip of paint just above your bed will give a trendy style to your decor! Take a telescopic handle roller and off you go!

A stretch ceiling

The stretch ceiling has two advantages: in addition to the decorative aspect, its technical qualities considerably improve the thermal and acoustic comfort of your room. It adapts to any room in the house with patterns for all tastes: graphics, pop, nature ... You will also find different materials for unexpected decorative effects. Know that a stretch ceiling arises in just a few hours by a professional. Count between 30 and 130 euros per m².

Moldings and ceiling rose

For a decoration rather of classic or retro inspiration, why not dare the ceiling rose! Today, no need to use real moldings, there are models in polystyrene. These models are very light and therefore easy to install with a little special glue. If tradition dictates that it be placed in the center of the room, you can also play the accumulation for a very modern design effect. Likewise, you don't have to leave your rosette white, you can paint it in pop color to create a chic and design shift.

Light fixtures

Create a unique ceiling by opting for original lighting. In a dark room or in a corridor, play on the multiplication of minimalist lighting like simple bulbs! Another option is to gaze at the stars without leaving your home, by equipping yourself with the Star Sower technology which allows you to stick LED lamps into the ceiling to illuminate them. It's up to you to create your sky with the number of LEDs you want. The most creative can even embark on patterns. The possibilities are endless and ultra trendy.


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