A lounge with Turkish oriental accents, like in Istanbul, get inspired

A lounge with Turkish oriental accents, like in Istanbul, get inspired

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Imagine yourself, sitting on the ground, on a colorful carpet ... In front of you is a sparkling copper tray with golden glasses and a delicious smell of mint tea that goes back to your nostrils. Here is a scene from the Orient that gives you something to dream about. A decoration of Turkish oriental inspiration in your living room and off you go to Istanbul! Here's what you need for a Turkish-inspired salon. - One thing is characteristic of Turkish decorations: these are very colorful carpets with geometric and varied patterns, which are found on the floor and hung on the walls. These carpets are woven (and not knotted!) Flat with wool, and the patterns, different according to the ethnic groups that wove them, are the expression of their beliefs and superstitions. It's'kilim art . These floor rugs will inevitably give a nomadic look to your living room. You will be able to play with these colorful, geometric and typical patterns on the cover of your cushions, your plaids, the covering of your pouffes… - Associate with the art of kilim, mosaic art . With colors of red / orange, or blue / turquoise, on the top of your wrought iron coffee table for example. If you cannot find furniture with mosaic and wrought iron, then choose furniture that is always low, for the nomadic side, in dark wood, carved, openwork like the technique of moucharabieh, typical of oriental architecture. - As for decorative objects, opt without hesitation for copper objects , metal widely used in oriental decoration and multiply trays and vases in this material. Get inspired! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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