Design: roundness is in the spotlight!

Design: roundness is in the spotlight!

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Straight and clean lines? That's enough ! It must be said, the Scandinavian style and the minimalist had the effect of sanitizing our interiors by sometimes making them a little too rigid and impersonal. So to remedy this, the designers are constantly creating furniture and decorative objects with captivating and reassuring curves. This is the observation that can be made at the end of the year. A new trend that is announced in 2019 and which does justice to the curves ... See instead.

As a need for comfort…

© Petite Friture This is what this new trend translates. And as history has demonstrated, design is also a wonderful way to reflect our times and our art of living. While straight and strict lines were used in our interiors with the influence of Nordic styles, the design now rounds the corners and thus does justice to the roundness. The reason for this new perspective? Counteract the rigor of our time, put people back at the center of priorities and bring a little fantasy into our daily lives. Because, what better than generous and enveloping forms to bring a little softness and good humor in our interiors? As you can see, the design says goodbye to edges, corners and straight lines and cheerfully invite softer lines, playful shapes and welcoming curves.

From furniture to small decorative items:

© H&M Home When we talk about rounded and colorful furniture, we immediately think of the madness of furniture from the 50s and 60s. In this sense, today's round design and retro style have many things in common. And as the famous saying goes: fashion is just an eternal beginning. The upholstery, the sausage, the furniture with beads ... The similarity of the eras is there: it tends to breathe a wind of optimism in our interiors. That said, in 2019, the curves are modernized with the use of more noble but no less warm materials with rounded shapes more sophisticated than each other. The armchairs are enveloping, the bouncy and cozy sofas, the curved and offset furniture, the circular and oval decorative objects. The trend of ball lamps is the perfect example of this modernized adaptation. In all cases, the curves have many advantages in terms of the layout of our interiors. And for good reason, the round or oval shaped furniture allows to structure the spaces while bringing them dynamism and volume. Imagine an imposing round carpet in a living room to define a cozy space or a round table in the kitchen to create a dining area isolated from the rest of the room ... Just try them and the magic works! Decidedly, the curves are generous and it is not to displease us ...


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