Decorations on porcelain: The Mondrian mug

Decorations on porcelain: The Mondrian mug

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1 porcelain mug 90 ° alcohol Fatty pencil Thermosetting felt Cotton swab brush 4 pieces of foam (1.5cm x 1.5 cm) Adhesive cutter 6.3 mm wide Resist Pen holder Colors; Etruscan red (12), Agathe (04), Amethyst (13), Esterel (37), Hematite (40)

Production :


Degrease the cup well with alcohol. Draw the boundaries of your decor in bold pencil. Place the Scotch large straight on the line of the grease pencil.


Apply the Etruscan red color with a fan brush. Polish with a square of foam.


Do the same with the following two colors: amethyst and hematite.


Make the rust color: apply the agathe shade with a fan brush and polish directly with a tip of esterel deposited on the foam, the mixing will be done this way.


Remove the tape with the feather or your nails. Clean the edges of the mug with a Cotton Swab moistened with water, sign and let dry twenty-four hours before you can cook.


Press well at intersections on the Scotch to strengthen adhesion. 20 decorations on Porcelain © Flammarion editions, 2003