A new site for personalized wall decoration

A new site for personalized wall decoration

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To give a personal touch to your decor, nothing like personalized walls! And to help you have a unique decor, the site specializes in personalized wall decoration. Presentation Here is a new website to create an interior that suits you! Thanks to, you can dress your custom walls by creating a decor from your photos or by drawing from a gallery of designer photos or from an image bank. You will be able to create your decor with your family memories, your travel photos, your favorite animal ... Unless you prefer an original work imagined by a creator ... The novelty is the wide choice of support! You can choose between a plexiglass or aluminum painting, a canvas on a frame, an adhesive poster or even wallpaper. It's up to you to choose your dimensions for a truly personalized work. And to help you choose, offers the possibility of viewing the product in numerous scenarios, whether in a bedroom or a living room. From 29.99 euros> More info on Discover Vivamural in pictures:


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