How to integrate concrete in my kitchen?

How to integrate concrete in my kitchen?

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Used since ancient times to build fortresses and temples, concrete was later used in industry. But today, the situation has changed and concrete is a decorative material in its own right. Among the rooms where concrete was born, the kitchen, from the floor to the walls, passing by the furniture.

Natural or composite: concrete

There are two types of concrete, natural concrete and composite concrete. The first is made of cement, water and sand. The second is resin-based. A concrete floor is laid slab (slabs, tiles) or poured (cement screed). Reinforced, raw, smoothed, fiberized, waxed, concrete takes over the floor, walls, furniture and accessories.

Concrete, qualities

The Cerib (Center for Studies and Research in the Concrete Industry) sums up the qualities of concrete well: "The first characteristics are its high compressive strength and its exceptional mechanical properties ... several of its properties are directly related to the comfort, the health of the occupants of the premises.

Concrete, from floor to furniture

In waxed, smoothed, varnished, patinated, raw or composite concrete with the addition of resin, concrete furniture is ideal for a kitchen. As the concrete is porous and the kitchen a humid room, you will need to treat your concrete. The concrete worktop will generally be water-repellent and treated against stains for better resistance.

Concrete, design

Concrete is a design material and masons have fun giving it very aesthetic effects and finishes. Concrete can be floated, rough, draped, brushed or printed. It is mass dyed, colored on the surface, painted, patinated or varnished. Good to know… Design but expensive, the laying of concrete on the ground oscillates between 70 (smoothed concrete) and 250 € (natural concrete) per m². Photos of kitchens to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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