Transforming old dark furniture

Transforming old dark furniture

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Are you tired of seeing the same furniture for years but don't want to change it? The solution is to transform them to offer a new decor at a low price! Here are our tips and tricks for transforming your old dark furniture.

Repaint furniture

Among the most radical solutions, you can repaint your furniture to change the color! To do this, remember to sand the wood well beforehand so that the paint adheres well. Then choose a trendy color and paint the furniture following the grain of the wood. Your furniture will be transformed. Be careful to be sure of the aspect sought because the volumes of your furniture may look different depending on the color chosen.

Line your furniture

Upholstering your furniture is an unorthodox solution but which gives a very pleasant result. Just bring glue and wallpaper. You can lightly sand the furniture to be sure that the glue adheres correctly to the support. As for the walls, you can work the piece of furniture with touches on the doors or the inside of the piece of furniture or even completely cover it to give it an original appearance.

Sticking adhesive

Note that there are also rolls of adhesive paper that are used to repair several supports. You can for example use it to cover the doors of a closet or any other piece of furniture that you want to give a facelift. You can also opt for the stickers solution by choosing a model large enough to transform the appearance of the furniture. If you like creative hobbies, you probably know the "Decopatch" which consists of sticking paper towels or thin paper on a surface with a special glue that will also protect the furniture. Your creation will necessarily be an original piece that you will not find anywhere else.

Create effects

With the enthusiasm for decoration and work in the home, paint brands have created many effect paintings. You can thus bring to your furniture a patinated effect, a satin effect, a metallic effect ... The effects of materials are quite simple to implement, it is often enough to apply the paint with gestures more or less pronounced according to the desired effects . Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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